What kind of owners can enter the field of independent hotels?

2019/10/12 17:29:38
Owners of independent hotels say the process requires a lot of effort and enthusiasm, including telling the story right. The process of creating an independent hotel is interesting, but it's not clear about the hotel's property management system and distribution channels.
Being passionate about a project and having goals helps to find the right participants, such as partners, developers and owners. Setting goals "helps everyone get on track and motivate enthusiasm to move forward", and early preparation is critical to finding the right system, including hotel managers and the right people to manage the hotel. Throughout the process, the hotel owner decides how to operate the hotel.
It is important to have a hotel operation partner who knows what he is doing. Not all managers can manage independent hotels, so it's critical that your management company understands this area, has experience in this area, and can acquire and employ talent. Excellent general managers and sales directors want to know what an independent hotel can offer them, and it may be difficult for some smaller hotel operators to let these employees know what an independent hotel is like. At this point, it's important to align with a good manager who knows what they're doing so that you can hire good people. If you can't attract and maintain a good management team, you'll be in trouble.
Hotel operators also need to be aware of the importance of creating stories and experiences for their guests. "Independent customers are looking for unique experiences, while brand customers are looking for you to achieve a brand commitment of expected experience. The new soft brand is blurring this distinction a little.