How is the hotel doing in releasing master data?

2019/10/11 10:44:15
Master Data will be the key factor for the success of big data in the digital transformation of enterprises. The so-called "master data" refers to the data shared between computer systems. As far as the hotel industry is concerned, from the aspects of finance, marketing and operation, whether the master data can be shared and used among different departments is the key.
What is the purpose of using master data? Not for others, in order to improve performance and economic efficiency. Its value is to increase revenue, reduce costs, improve management and improve products and services. Observing the current situation of the industry, in recent years, the use of data mainly focuses on revenue management, while the use of other aspects is not mature and popular. Many hotels have purchased a lot of fragmented application software, and different departments are improving and upgrading the application. However, the overall systematization of tools and technical means and the sharing of master data still need to be improved. In this regard, the practice of international hotel management group is better than that of domestic small groups and individual hotels.
At present, many hotels do not release data in financial software and other operating departments. Active applications, such as data and information in revenue management software, tend to focus only on the changes in rental rates and house prices, which is also disconnected from the relevance of products and services of operating departments to segment market target customers.
How to release the main data in hotels involves a topic of management system. At present, there is a phenomenon of fragmentation in industry training and software application, which has become one of the reasons why there are many learning applications and the actual effect is not obvious. In order to improve the chances of hotel winning in the fierce competition, it is not enough to exploit the channel of customer source and increase OTA share. At present, many hotel products are aging, and the matching degree gap between them and the existing market segments is widening. Because the demand of customers in the market segments has changed a lot, while the hotel products have remained unchanged for various reasons, and customers are no longer loyal to the hotel. Honesty is a matter of course.
If there are no products and services that change according to the demand, the high-end brand will be abandoned by the target customer group. It can be explained that the high-end hotel cases have been rated as one of the three platinum five-star hotels in the whole country. The location and brand have not changed, but the current price of the same brand is only half of that of Pudong Hotel, because the current owners no longer spend renovation funds on the old equipment and facilities and aging products. This case is a good illustration. The same brand, the same system, the same channel, because different products, consumers pay different prices.
If the hotel can make some progress in high-tech system planning and master data release, and keep pace with the changes in product and operation services, the efficiency of the industry will be improved to a high level, and the sustainable development will be more ideal.