Beijing Universal Studios has two "the first in the world"

2019/10/13 12:53:05
On October 12, Beijing Universal Resort released its brand vision and creative ideas for the first time, and officially announced seven major theme scenic spots to be stationed in China, namely Kung Fu Panda World, Transformers Base, Little Yellow Man Paradise, Harry Potter's Magic World, Jurassic Nubra Island, Hollywood and Future Water World. Among them, Transformers Base and Kung Fu Panda Geishai will become the first theme scenic spot in the world built with "Transformers" and "Kung Fu Panda" as IP.
Beijing Universal City Avenue is a comprehensive commercial entity which integrates retail, catering and entertainment. It is equipped with abundant theme shopping shops and other supporting services and facilities. New Beijing News reporter also learned from Beijing Universal Resort that in the future, Beijing Universal Resort will be equipped with the largest single parking building in Beijing, providing about 8,600 conventional parking spaces and 400 parking spaces equipped with charging piles. The parking building has also been optimized for fast parking, so that tourists can avoid "backing up into the garage".
Universal Resort is located in the strategic central area of Tongzhou Cultural Tourism District, Beijing. It covers an area of 4 square kilometers. The first phase of the project covers an area of 1.69 square kilometers. Now it has entered the stage of installation of recreational facilities. Imaginally speaking, the construction scale is equivalent to 653396 cubic meters of concrete, which can fill 261 Olympic standard swimming pools, and the steel consumption is about 52763 tons, which is equivalent to the steel consumption of building three bird's nests or 18.8 water cubes.
In the process of construction, Beijing Universal Resort attaches great importance to greening and environmental protection, adheres to international standards and implements dust control. Since half a year of construction, the total investment in dust control has reached more than 300 million yuan. Among them, the cumulative amount of green net covers 28.6 million square meters, the area is equivalent to covering the entire resort site seven times, which greatly reduces the dust and dust generated during construction. In addition, the company has invested a large number of machinery and equipment facilities such as sprinkler, tower crane spray to implement dust removal.
In addition, innovative disposal of soil was carried out according to local conditions, with a resource conversion rate of 97%. At the same time, rainwater harvesting and utilization were strengthened. It is estimated that 380,000 tons of tap water will be saved. In terms of soil resources, Beijing Universal Resort requires that the soil in the whole 4 square kilometers of site must be pollution-free. Not only the original soil in the site must pass the pollutant detection and meet the standards, but also the purchased soil must be qualified before admission.
It is understood that Beijing Universal Resort is currently invested, developed, constructed and operated by Beijing International Resort Co., Ltd. Beijing International Holiday Resort Co., Ltd. is a joint venture owned by Beijing Shouliao Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shouliao Investment") and Comcast NBC Worldwide. Its share ratio is 70% and 30% respectively. Founded in 2013, Shouwei Investment is a platform company specially established for investing in Beijing Universal Resort. It is jointly owned by five state-owned enterprises in Beijing, including China Tourist Leading Enterprise First Travel Group.
Universal theme parks and resorts are the subordinate business sectors of Comcast NBC Universal, providing entertainment experience for tourists around the world. Steven Spielberg, a three-time Oscar-winning creative consultant, is renowned for his immersive experience, and technologically advanced attractions are based on thrilling movies and TV dramas. Comcast NBC Universal owns Hollywood Universal Studios, Orlando Universal Resort and Japan Universal Studios wholly and operates Singapore Universal Studios through a licensing agreement.