How to guarantee the quality of "in and out" as a normal class a scenic spot?

2019/10/21 15:48:09
Among the class a scenic spots that have been dealt with in various places, in addition to the common problems such as the incomplete function of tourist center, insufficient management personnel, simple infrastructure, imperfect identification system, and prominent security risks, there are many scenic spots that have lost their cultural attributes and service functions, become pure commercial institutions, and even become "zombie scenic spots".
Industry insiders pointed out that the "delisting storm" swept all over the country, reflecting the determination of the local government to "blade inward" within its authority and not protect the scenic spots. Chen Guozhong, Secretary of Shandong tourism vocational college, said that high-quality development will be the general requirement of the scenic spots in the future, and each scenic spot must strengthen the sense of service and quality, "this is both a wake-up call and a clear requirement again."
In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic tourism, the number of A-level scenic spots is growing. By the end of 2018, the number of A-level scenic spots in China has reached more than 10300. However, many interviewees said that since the 4A level scenic spot evaluation authority was delegated to the provincial tourism authorities, some local governments have not strictly controlled the rating of scenic spots in order to improve their performance and economic efficiency, which has resulted in the mismatch between the growth of the number of local A-level scenic spots and the speed of quality improvement.
Social capital is pouring into the tourism industry, many tourism project developers only pay attention to product output, tourism platforms are keen to compete for traffic, tourism value distortion, information asymmetry and other issues further aggravate the phenomenon of tourism resource mismatch.
At present, people's demand for tourism consumption has changed from "with or without" to "with or without quality". In the long run, tourist attractions must stand in the perspective of tourists to think about how to enhance the effective service supply, ensure and improve the tourists' experience and comfort, and provide strong support for the sustainable development of tourist attractions.
It is also suggested by the insiders that the improvement of the quality of tourist attractions requires coordination, coordination and cooperation within and outside the industry, such as seeking technical support from professional institutions and research institutions, and turning public opinion supervision and complaints into improvement measures in a timely manner from news media and the public to form a good atmosphere of multi support and participation by the whole people, so as to turn "the industry's affairs" into "big". Home affairs.