How to grasp the investment direction of tourism listed companies?

2019/10/16 18:41:10
Under the guidance of the new driving force of economic development, the traditional industry has begun to upgrade iteratively, while some listed tourism companies lack of understanding of the current situation and development trend of the industry. In the current environment of great change, tourism enterprises should not only pay attention to the maintenance of existing assets, but also pay attention to and increase investment in new formats. New formats and new products, such as characteristic towns, commercial complexes and "tourism +", caused by industrial integration and development, can be used by tourism enterprises to make investment decisions. Listed tourism companies should achieve breakthroughs in the old business model to reverse business difficulties. 。
In the industry reform brought about by the new technology revolution, cross-border integration to create competitive advantage has become the key not to be eliminated by the market. In the face of the investment tide caused by many "new concepts" in the market, such as "new retail", "artificial intelligence" and "Intelligent Tourism", tourism listed companies need to accurately position to guide investment. If the investment is insufficient, the products and formats will fall behind and be eliminated. If the investment is excessive, the precious free cash flow will be wasted. Therefore, the tourism listed companies should first make clear their business level strategy, which is "who to serve, what needs to meet tourists, and how to meet these needs".
The Internet economy dominated by information technology has brought subversive changes to the traditional industry of tourism, OTA platform represented by Ctrip has fully integrated the booking channels of tourism products; the accommodation booking platform represented by airbnb has brought the non-standard accommodation industry to a climax; the new media platform represented by microblog and tremolo has controlled the tourism marketing channels; the big data of Unicom has been represented Our data platform starts to develop smart Tourism... The competitive advantage of tourism products in the fast cycle market is difficult to maintain in the Internet economy.
The new driving force of China's economic development is profoundly affecting the tourism industry. Under the new industrial development pattern, the investment of tourism listed companies should grasp the new investment direction, accurately position the main business, use new ideas to cross-border integration, actively invest in new tourism formats, and realize the transformation of the company and the tourism industry.