Sanya Phoenix Island "Sunk"

2019/9/30 10:56:18
Recently, the Beijing Property Exchange disclosed two information on property rights transfer: Sanya Phoenix Island Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Sanya Yusheng Investment Co., Ltd. have transferred 100% of their shares, with the transfer floor price of 4.037 billion yuan and 764 million yuan respectively.
The news of the sale of Phoenix Island in Sanya caused a great uproar in the industry. After all, this is located in the southernmost part of Hainan Province. As the first place for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Torch Relay, it used the slogan "sorry, Dubai" as its propaganda slogan at its peak. At one time, the house price was speculated to 160,000 yuan/ping, and became a landmark project in Sanya in 2018. Why did it fall to this? When the fanaticism of Hainan housing market recedes, where will the future of Phoenix Island in Sanya go? How should real estate developers consider the development of artificial islands after this?
According to the data provided by the inspection team, after 2013, the average reclamation area in Hainan Province has reached 550 hectares per year, which is five times the average reclamation area in the previous 20 years. The coastal ecosystem of Hainan has caused some losses. Hainan proposed to break the wrist of the hero's determination to get rid of the dependence on real estate.
Real estate developers in the development of coastline should be seen in several aspects: on The\ One hand, the early control and awareness of weak, resulting in a large number of coastline quality resources are simply used for residential development, become "minority" exclusive resources. On the other hand, local development does need financial support, urban infrastructure needs investment from enterprises, Housing enterprises also contribute to urban development, reclamation projects for enterprises and local governments are more immediate benefits than shortcomings.
For real estate developers, we need to pay attention to the following points:
Don't break through the red line. There are two red lines in real estate development: the red line of land use and the red line of environmental protection. The development of a project should take into account social, economic, environmental and other factors, and should not break through the restrictions of policy and legal boundaries.
Make a reasonable assessment of the city. The development of a city has its own laws. It is unsustainable to rely solely on real estate without industry and industry as the basis. Hainan, for example, is dominated by tourism and ecology rather than real estate. Over-development of real estate projects is a manifestation of eagerness for quick success and instant benefit.
Full environmental assessment of the plot was carried out in the early stage. Real estate enterprises should familiarize themselves with laws and regulations and industrial policies related to environmental protection, strictly implement them in accordance with the relevant provisions of EIA. The premise of real estate development is not to violate the ecological development, not to destroy the natural environment, and not to drill the loopholes of policies.
In a word, real estate enterprises must do a good job in all aspects of investigation and evaluation when participating in reclamation projects. As long as it is within the allowable scope and within the compilation of the master plan, there is no big problem in real estate.