The new tourism profession needs to be perfected and standardized urgently

2019/9/27 9:30:10
In the era of mass tourism, new forms of tourism emerge in endlessly and new occupations emerge in large numbers, which have the following characteristics: first, from the perspective of both supply and demand of tourism, the tourism industry is developing in a more subdivided direction, which leads to the emergence of new occupations; the development of tourism consumption requires higher tourism experience, which makes tourism services in-depth. The connotation and denotation are expanding continuously, and the service level is further improved, thus promoting the emergence of new professions. Secondly, from the perspective of the integration of tourism and other industries, new formats have emerged after the integration, resulting in new occupational needs.
It is not easy to acquire a new career in tourism. It needs to go through the platform assessment process. For example, for local guides, Ctrip Tourism College and local guides platform have established a special training certification system. The local guide platform tests the basic knowledge and skills of job applicants. If the guide receives the guest's evaluation, what is the right way to do it? Such tests help to identify the candidate's professional competence. In addition, Ctrip needs to submit enterprise certification and other qualifications for the record. Ctrip requires that only submitting enterprise certification can issue fee-paying services. Certifications such as tour guide certificate and driver's license can effectively prove the level of service and help to improve the ranking of the network. Such strict screening will help to set the entry threshold and ensure the service level and quality of the profession.
With the development of global tourism, the subdivision of tourism market will continue, and new posts of tourism profession will continue to emerge. All these require the development of tourism human resources, tourism vocational education and tourism vocational qualification system to be constantly improved and to adapt to it.
Do a good job in the development of tourism professional standards. Nothing can be accomplished without norms and standards. Emerging tourism professions should have corresponding standards to match them. The identification and establishment of each subdivision vocational standard should be closely combined with the needs of industry standardization, and conform to the development direction determined by the national tourism development plan and the National Tourism Standardization Development plan. For example, tourism consultants have higher requirements in terms of comprehensive quality. They should not only have strong writing skills, but also have editing, planning skills and foreign public relations skills. This is of great significance for ensuring the quality of personnel in emerging industries, standardizing tourism market services and promoting the development of tourism market segments.
Do a good job in the reform of tourism vocational education and training. Colleges and universities, especially tourism colleges and universities, should set up corresponding majors to meet the needs of the emerging professions in the current market. Employers in platforms and industries should strengthen the screening, training and education of new vocational talents'skills. Regardless of universities, platforms or employers, in terms of specialty setting and curriculum assessment, we should design training system and curriculum system in accordance with the current tourism industry development needs and vocational post characteristics, and combine with the development of tourism professional standards to create talents specifications and development paths that meet the needs.
Do a good job of linking up the tourism professional qualification system. The development of global tourism and experience tourism indicates that most of the new tourism professions involve professional service skills and high standard and high quality service requirements. Tourism employment access requires the establishment and improvement of tourism professional qualification system. In order to ensure the sustainable development of tourism industry, it is necessary to carry out strict vocational skills assessment and appraisal through the appraisal and appraisal institutions recognized by the government.